Monday, December 19, 2005

Winter Cardio

Foul weather finally hit the Bay Area this week.

Patty and I will hike in the rain unless it is truly storming and the trails are mostly sloppy mud holes. Mild rain is kind of fun, and we have a few streams and waterfalls nearby that provide wonderful sights and sounds.

Yesterday was a cardio day and it was pouring. So we decided to go to the gym instead of slopping around in the muck. Patty used an elliptical trainer and I got on a recumbent bike. Not bad. In fact, we rather enjoyed it.

Patty has an iPod and says the music really gets her fired up. I understand. Yet when I’m in the gym pumping iron and look over at the cardio room, it reminds me of a bunch of hamsters on exercise wheels. What are they doing on treadmills when they could be out on a beautiful trail?

It was a good workout. Overall, though, I’ll still take a walk in the woods anytime.

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