Tuesday, December 20, 2005

From the Gym to Iraq

Not that long ago, Brad Avots was a college student. Patty and I met him at the gym where we workout. For a while, his girlfriend at the time was in the cardio-kickboxing classes we taught.

Brad talked about becoming a Marine. Unlike most college students, segments of his summers were spent in Quantico, Virginia at the U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidate School.

He also had this very Marine habit of putting on a weighted pack and going up steep slopes (locally, the flanks of Mt. Tamalpais) to stay in shape.

It seems like yesterday, and it really wasn't that long ago, that he graduated from Sonoma State University and the USMC Officer Candidate School. Today, he is 1st Lt. Bradley Avots, and leading a Marine unit in Iraq.

When the Vice President was in Iraq this week, Brad’s Marines were charged with his staff’s security.

Twice, he and his unit have been featured on the late-night TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Patty and I taped it both times and watched the next day.

He gets to come home in February. Let's wish him well.

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memoryman said...

Thanks for not making Brad into our hero protecting our freedoms. Yes, I wish him well and I wish he were not involved in that war launched by the Bush administation.
I appreciate your site and blog. At 59, two years into lifting (for the first time ever), I enjoy the exercising and I too do it because I have come to enjoy it very much. At first it was an effort of will but now it is a desire! I am very aware of the young lifters at the college gym where I lift. They progress so rapidly!