Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Paralysis of Analysis

I'm on firm ground when I say that most of what is written about fitness and training applies only to a very small percentage of people, and I’m counting even those who exercise regularly.

Endless articles, countless books, magazines and web sites pick, probe and analyze to death information that applies only to the few and is often meaningless to the many. It sells. That's because many believe they are learning cutting edge "secrets" to greater strength and health. Generally, it's not true.

For most people, regular training and healthful dietary practices must be basic and easy to live with or they will not be followed for a lifetime. Anybody can follow an extreme diet or workout regimen for a week or a month. But then what happens? You know the answer to that one. Or the continuous searching for the latest and greatest can bog people down in complex and often contradictory theories and information and they never take a first step at all.

Keep it simple.

If you are a beginner, my book, written in plain, non-technical English, can be a tremendous help.

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