Sunday, January 22, 2006

High Intensity Cardio -Austrian-style

I am obsessed with snowshoeing! Coo-coo. Alright, I am from California and this whole snow thing is a novelty that I am still enamored with. I had read somewhere a few years ago that snowshoeing was a great calorie-burning endeavor and I'm thinking SIGN ME UP! It is estimated to burn 400-500 calories per hour. I love hiking and now living in the high altitude I am getting pretty darn excited at the idea of going where no man or woman has gone. Just me and my elegant snowshoes gliding over the powder. So I am in Austria now...a village, no kidding. Plenty of uncharted territory and deep powder...and all right out my door. Let me tell you, this does work up a sweat and burns some serious calories! I have gone everyday for the past week. I highly recommend it.

jen in austria

P.S. You don't actually glide over the snow...more like sink only to your knees where it would have been your waist.

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BuffMother said...

Hi ya! Jen...
Awesome to know you are loving the snow :)

Keep up the passion!!