Monday, January 16, 2006

Austrian Workouts and Cheetahs

Daughter Jennifer sent an e-mail note today along with some recent pictures (shown here). She and husband Georg and my grandkids have been living in a beautiful area of Austria the past year. The countryside looks like scenery from The Sound of Music and, since it is Austria, nearly everyone skis and goes on snowshoe hikes. Jennifer says snowshoeing is a great aerobic workout. She has a home gym, too, and is a member of a health club in town. When she comes to visit us in March, she may teach some classes in Novato where she used to instruct.

Cheetahs: Patty and I went to a movie yesterday and saw Duma. If you are a runner, you must see it. Most runners that I know greatly appreciate speed and grace and, believe me, Duma has both! Have children or grandchildren? Take them to see it (recommended for those 9 and older) and enjoy a wonderful shared experience. No children or grandchildren? See it anyway. Go for the magnificent scenery and engaging tale about a boy in South Africa raising a Cheetah cub to adulthood. Ebert & Roeper give it, "Two Thumbs Up." For an online preview go to Duma . . . . Also cut me some slack to do a little name dropping. Duma's film director, Carroll Ballard (The Black Stallion, Never Cry Wolf and Fly Away Home) and I were high school classmates.

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