Thursday, August 07, 2008

What is a Senior, Anyway?

Since my web site and newsletters are designed as services to people over age 50, the following “Dear Abby” item from today’s newspaper caught my eye.

A reader writes Abby: “Could you please tell me at what age can a person claim to be a senior citizen?”

(I’ve often wondered that, too. -LF)

Abby answers: “I have known some people in their 20s who were ‘older’ than many vibrant people in their 80s. Years ago, individuals were considered to be seniors at 65. But then AARP began soliciting people at age 50.

“The specific age to qualify for senior-hood isn’t carved in granite — as you will find in various restaurants and movie theaters.”


When I was in my 50s, I sure didn’t think of myself as a senior. Still, after age 50 it is time to recognize that some physical activities ought to be moderated, or there’s a price to be paid later. That doesn’t mean you should baby yourself. But it does mean that overuse injuries are more likely, and they won’t heal as fast as when you were younger.

As the saying goes, workouts should be “age appropriate.”


Cat Training said...

well , even human beings age is improving . so for me senior is above 80.

Over 60 Woman said...

As a woman over 60, I have to agree that exercises should be age appropriate. I need strength training most, I think, since walking 2-3 miles 4 X a week seems adequate for distance. What are the best exercises for leg strengthening. I was appalled when I knelt on the floor to pick up my 19 pound granddaughter and had a hard time getting back up!


Grayiron said...

To: Over 60 Woman - Walking is great and please stick with it. But, yes, resistance training is essential, as it is the withering away of muscle that robs seniors of their strength and finally their independence. Find a weights or resistance bands program or trainer to design a full-body workout. Squats (deep knee bends) are best to build hip and leg strength. Check out for more information and ideas.

Logan (Grayiron)

shape wear said...

Senior not means old but means experienced.Normally,I would say after 70 is called senior or someone retired.