Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fat but Fit?

There have been recent news accounts of people being overweight (read fat) but still being fit. By fit, let's assume it means the overweight subjects had healthy cardiovascular systems and adequate muscle -- in spite of their excess. And that they were no more likely to contract heart disease, diabetes, etc., than leaner people.

You have to wonder: Just how fat were the test subjects? And exactly how fit were they? Because at some point in being overweight, it is impossible to be what any reasonable person would define as fit or healthy.

The whole "Fat but Fit" concept sounds a little goofy to me. And it may be that researchers have already found signs of it being invalid. Check it out here.


Sheree Rensel said...

Oh I so agree with you. In fact, I think "fat but fit" is a kind of oxymoron. The two together don't make sense. I too wonder How FAT and How FIT are we talking about when referring to the subjects mentioned.
It all sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me. Even if you are fatter but functioning, this does not mean you are the fittest. The extra pounds you carry around "being fit" yet overweight, still have a profound effect on your heart and other body systems. Oh geesh....come on!! Let's get real here.

Zach Hunt -Personal Trainer Spokane said...

Fat is fat just because it hasn`t caught up with you yet in time it will take it`s toll on your organs kidneys, liver, heart, ect...

SpinDiva said...

Maybe this is just another way for people to excuse their circumstances, i.e. fat and not wanting to do anything about it until the doctor tells me to loose the fat or get a casket...sorry, it's a bit grim but sometimes it takes all that to get people to open their eyes. Sheree: I like what you said..oxymoron is right.

I love this blog.