Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are the French Serious?

Gray Iron read this twice just to be certain it is real. The French parliament, it is reported, adopted a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to publicly incite extreme thinness. The bill soon goes to the senate. Overweight French people must be laughing.

Of course body weight extremes at either end of the scale are serious matters — but a government passing laws making it illegal to “incite" extreme thinness? Talk about Big Brother! Read the report and make comment if you wish.

Report: France may outlaw inciting thinness.


Mrs. J. said...

It's not as silly as it seems, I think. Apparently lots of young girls (12-18 years old) are seriously damaging their health by trying to look like models that are far too thin. There are even websites that promote this look, and the French government wanted a means to be able shut them down.
It's what's known as a "luxury problem" in Dutch, but it's a problem nonetheless.

jennifer said...

I am sure you read about the ban on too-skinny models too. Some designers and countries will not allow women with a certain BMI to walk the runways. I am not sure if skinny models and celebrities are the villians in the serious problem of anorexia and eating disorders. From what I know it is a mental illness or addiction. Some people are prone to it when they start dieting and losing weight. After a point it is not about weight at all, but a full blown mental disorder and unfortunately has a very high percentage of fatalities or serious damage.