Friday, January 18, 2008

Protein Keeps Hunger at Bay

Remember Bill Phillips' hugely popular Body for Life book and program of just a few years ago? Thousands of people made dramatic physical improvements following Phillips' advice.

Maybe you also remember that one of the reasons he said people fall off the wagon and overeat is because they do not eat the right balance of protein in their meals. And this sets them up for food cravings shortly afterward. Here's a study that seems to confirm that he was on the right track.

Now, some people will read this and then overdo protein. But the idea is come as close as it is practical to do in balancing meals with the right ratio of protein to fats and carbs. Problem is, there is always controversy among many trainees about what is the right ratio. Should the ratio of protein/carbs/fat be 30/40/30 or 30/50/20, or some other combination?

I know what I think, and it follows:

1) Different ratios can be successful with different people, as long as they don't get too far out of whack;

2) Any method of measuring food ratios must be simple or people will not follow it, long-term (I spell out my way of doing it in detail in my books);

3) Any diet that practically eliminates any one of the three macro nutrients (protein, carbs, or fat), is guaranteed to fail in the long term. That is because cravings for the eliminated member are bound to follow.

To read more about the study, go here

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