Thursday, July 27, 2006

How to Do Hindu Squats

First, watch the video (you may have to click on the arrow twice).

Note that I am doing them barefoot. If you like wearing shoes, that’s okay, too. Try them both ways.

Note also that at the bottom of my squat my heels come up and my thighs are against my calves. That is the proper form. If you cannot get all the way down or have a problem balancing, descend as far as you can and do them flat footed, if you have to. Then work on gradually squatting deeper and with proper form.

Breathing: Unlike breathing when squatting with a barbell, you exhale on the way down. Inhale deeply coming up and while drawing back your arms. Once you get used to breathing this way it will seem very natural.

Repetitions: Hindu squats can be done in one long set (which can build tremendous endurance) or broken up into sets. I like to mix mine with my weight training. Once you learn the right form, decide how you want to integrate them into your training.

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