Monday, July 10, 2006

Confused About Soy?

A recent post (6/22/06) reported on a study confirming the benefits of soy and heart health. But it seems not everyone agrees. For some, the jury is still out, according to some reports on WebMD.

I like soy milk and use it in shakes and, combined with nonfat milk, I pour it over oat cereal. I like the way it tastes. However, soy contains a specific estrogen-like compound, daidzein (which appears to be responsible for some positive effects of soy on cholesterol levels in women, one study shows).

But estrogen! Some guys hear the word estrogen and red flags go up. If I eat soy will I grow breasts? Another fear is that it can diminish one's libido. Enough! Enough! What is true? Is soy a miracle food that some experts have claimed or something to be avoided? My guess is that it falls somewhere between the two extremes.

Most of the scientific information that I have found casts soy in a positive light. But maybe it has been oversold as a miracle food and its benefits exaggerated. I certainly wouldn't use it to the exclusion of other sources, but soy remains on my own list of healthful protein. So far, I haven't developed female characteristics, my libido is just fine, and my cholesterol levels are right where they belong.

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