Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Real Doer

In my last newsletter and in yesterday's blog post, I commented on being a “doer,” rather than someone who merely thinks, reads or talks about living a healthful lifestyle.

Here is one real doer who responded:

“Thanks for your news letter: I have been a doer for a long time. But since last Sept to Jan 06 I had throat Cancer that really laid me up for the whole time, though I was able to walk a little and that helped me mentally more that physically. That Cancer is now in remission but it has been found to have spread to the brain. We have kept up the walking and today added rowing, in fact, I am working on 9 million meters and today I started a light weight lifting program. Weak but determined. Thank you again for your newsletter, I should have kept my subscription but I let it lapse. Doug”

Thank you, Doug. Your strength and perseverance set an example for all of us.

Doug kind of puts things in perspective, don't you think?

Get up from your chair. Rise from the sofa. Take that first step to fitness. Take small steps to begin but never stop stepping forward. You can do it.

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