Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Be A Doer

My wife Patty is a schoolteacher and used to give workshops to other teachers around the country on classroom control and getting the most out of students. She often told me that one of the ways she improved her own abilities was by exchanging information with other teachers. It made perfect sense to me.

For example, I subscribe to other fitness newsletters, read books, and observe trainers for the same reason, to continually upgrade my knowledge of the subject and how best to explain it to others.

In a recent newsletter from Matt Furey, I was struck by these comments: “The study of Zen is not Zen” and “the study of exercise is not exercise.” Think about those statements because they say a great deal. They also got me wondering about something.

The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter has a pretty big subscriber list that is continually growing. What I was wondering about, but can never really know, is what percentage of my subscribers is actually exercising and practicing a fitness lifestyle.

Back to the quotes about Zen and exercise: Are you actually doing something to improve yourself physically, rather than merely absorbing information? If you are, congratulations! You already realize that knowledge alone is not power. It is knowledge acted upon that is power.

If you happen to be someone who has been reading, thinking or talking about fitness, but have not begun to actually live a more healthful life, why not start doing it now? Get up. Move around. Walk. Small steps and distances are ok. Extend slowly, but extend. Move, improve and persevere, and you will find the way to a healthier more fulfilling life.

Be a doer.

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