Friday, April 07, 2006

Ode to Body For Life

First off, I love Body For Life. I love looking at the champions. I read the book, watched the videos, and pondered Bill's sexuality with my goofy friends. Seriously folks, the guy was walking around NYC in his underwear! Where I come from (San Francisco), the men that do that are batting for the other team.

I am all over the Body For Life Tracker and I have seen serious living proof that is works. My stepmother, shown here, made this incredible transformation. I know it works. I love the blogs written by those of you in the trenches. But the truth is I have never done Body For Life. I am not even sure why, because I know it's a great program, I know it works, and everyone is doing it, so there is lots of support.

But let's get down to business. I don't do Body For Life because:

1) The workouts are boring. Yes, I have done them with friends and I will be honest here...I find weight lifting pretty boring. I like more dynamic workouts. I like to mix it up with plyometrics or sports. I need diversity and consistent change. I will lift weights, but my schedule is more random than BFL.

2) I have food original! I have weird reactions to high protein diets. I have experimented enough to know how my body works and these eating plans (ahem...diets...oh god, did I just write diet?...slap me) with more than 30% protein start giving me problems. Long story, so I just don't do it.

3) OK, this one might get me in trouble, but it seems that it's not really Body For Life. Most people go off this plan and then start it over and over. I'm not perfect either. I also will follow a program for a set amount of time, knowing it will end and I can then look forward to returning to my normal eating patterns.

4) I'm a rebel at heart. Becoming more mature, and the big one, having two small children puts the kibosh on most of my swimming upstream tendencies. But I can refuse to jump on the bandwagon of BFL. I know, childish and stubborn... but to know me is to love me.

That about sums it up. Perhaps one day I will get over it and join the party. I am feeling kind of directionless. God knows, and so does Bill Phillips, that BFL is a solid strategy! And the Free Day...let's not forget the Free Day!!!

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