Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Hindu Push Up/Dive Bomber Combo

If I had to choose only two or three exercises to achieve a good full body workout, one of the upper body exercises would be what I call the Hindu/Dive Bomber Combo.

This one comes close to working every muscle group from the hips to the top of your head, and at the same time giving your legs a little work and a nice stretch, too.

What I’ve done is combine two push-up varieties to create a nearly perfect core and upper-body strengthener. Let’s start with the first part, the Hindu push-up. In spite of the ubiquitous Matt Furey promoting them, most people I meet, even gym people, don’t know how they are done, and many people have never even heard of them.

Then there are some people who know the movements but want to argue over which one is better, Hindu Push-Ups or Dive Bombers. Ignore them. Both are good and each places a little more emphasis on different muscles than the other. Doing the Combo gives you the best of both worlds.

Here is how they are done:

The starting and ending position of the Hindu push-up is in photo 1. Legs spread apart wider than shoulder width. Hips elevated. Hands on the ground, a little wider than shoulder width. Eyes looking backward.

Smoothly, bring your body forward by dropping your hips to the down position (photo 2) while sliding your head and shoulders forward . . . then extend your arms, raise your head and look forward (photo 3).

Now, push your hips back up to the starting position, eyes once again looking backward (photo 4). That’s one complete rep.

The entire movement should be a smooth, steady and rhythmic motion.

That is half of the Hindu/Dive Bomber Combo. Here is the second half.

Dive Bombers:

They start just like the Hindu (photo 1).

Then, just as in the Hindu, bring your body forward by dropping you hips (photo 2) while sliding your head and shoulders forward to a pushup position.

But this time, push straight back and up, while raising your hips back to the starting position (photo 3).

As with the Hindu Push-Up, the Dive Bombers are done in a smooth, steady and rhythmic motion.

To do the Combo, alternate your reps: do one Hindu followed by one Dive Bomber. Back and forth. Break up the workout into sets; or try one long set, not to failure, but close.

I like to work them into almost all of my upper body routines. Try it.


johnson1506 said...

Hi Gray, What are your thoughts on completely combining the hindu and divebomber so that they occur in one movement?

Grayiron said...

Not sure how it would be done in a single movement, but it might be a worthy experiment. Try it and let us know what you think and describe the process.